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Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D.


Kesan-kesan Peserta ASC 2008

December 29, 2022
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Damar P. Susilaradeya : From the first day until the last day, I followed ASC, which became a wonderful and unforgettable memory. I felt like I was dreaming that i could follow such a rare event, where I could meet nobel laureates and young brilliant students from different regions in Indonesia and even in Asia.
All the interesting sessions, that at a glance only looked complicated and hard to understand, did really inspire me. I have now a wider knowledge in the new fields in science and the only thing that I ever desire to be now is to be a scientist and a teacher. Thank you for this spectacular opportunity.

Devina Wongso : The session that has impressed and motivated me was Prof. Jiun Huei Proty Wu’s lecture. I have learnt much about cosmology from his lectures. I have an interest in astronomy and cosmology and I am really enthusiastic when taking part in his lectures. I was a bit disappointed because of the limited time for listening to his lecture. Besides that, I really enjoyed ASC because I have got many friends from other Indonesian provinces and also other countries. ASC has opened my mind not only about science, but also friendship.

Kelvin Timotius: What a wonderful journey I had from 3rd to 9th August in Bali. Asian Science Camp 2008 in Bali has left an unforgettable memory in my mind. It is very nice to join such a camp, that improves my knowledge in science. At first it seems to be impossible to sit together with nobel laureates, but ASC has made it possible. And actually I learnt a lot from any nobel laureates, especially Prof Richard R. Ernst, Ph.D and Prof Yuan Tseh Lee, Ph.D, because their achievement in chemistry has inspired me to do the same. Their great presentation about their life as a scientist and their effort in getting the nobel, improves my spirit in chemistry. Gathering with any other young scientists is also very fun. We can share about our experience, also we can make friends with many of them.
Socializing with them opens my horizon about life as a young scientist. i hope that an event like this could be held again.

Manoel Manuputty : ASC 2008 was an impressive event in my life. This science Camp had given me many unforgettable moments, such as an opportunity to met some nobel laureates and new friends from other countries who inspired me and shared their experiences with me.
The most impressive lecture that I joined was Prof. Yow Pin Lim’s. His Lecture gave me a new point of view of this life and our destination in the future. He said that we had to decide now what we wanted to become, so we could focus on our destination. Other lectures also improved my knowledge and “opened my eyes” to be the future of scientist. Furthermore, I also got sharing with other participants that came from various backgrounds,
such as a participant from Philippines that gave me his view of education in his country. He also gave me spirit to keep my way to my destination and always study to get it.
Finally, I want to give my deepest gratitude to give me opportunity to join this Amazing Event. Hopefully, I could share my experiences with my friends and make my life valuable for others.
Theo Ariandi I am impressed by the achievements of the nobel laureates in ASC. The most impresive thing in ASC is the plennary session by Prof. Richard Robert Ernst Ph.D. He was able to mix his knowledge about science and his life story and made such an interesting presentation, so all the participants could understand easily what he explained.

Youngky Wanady On the Asian Science Camp 2008, I did a lot of activities such as joining plenary and parallel session, joined morning and evening talk, and made poster. The most impressive part on that event is while I joined the first parallel session, whose speaker was Prof. Yuan- Tseh Lee. He talked about environment, like global warming. That lecture inspires me to appreciate the environment more and more and will do the best for our earth. Thank you, ASC !!
Steffenny : the most unforgettable and inspiring moment i got when i attended asc is when i heard professor lee’s lecture. His lecture surprised everyone, since he said that 40 kg of gasoline will produce 120 kg of carbon dioxide. That really surprised us. From that moment i decided that i will take place in helping everyone to save the earth from destruction, however small role i have, it will mean a lot for our earth…^^

Sally Kurniawan: awalnya saya kira seminar-seminar di ASC cuma berkaitan dengan ilmu science itu sendiri. namun ternyata setelah saya ikuti seminar-seminar, parallel discussion, dll, saya melihat bahwa ASC juga memberikan motivasi-motivasi terutama bagi kita para siswa untuk lebih giat lagi mempelajari science tanpa beban, malah dengan rasa senang dan penasaran. di ASC saya secara tidak langsung disadarkan bahwa dasar atau pondasi dari seorang scientist adalah motivasi/keinginan scientist itu sendiri untuk menggali science. dan yang saya senang adalah setiap pembicara-pembicara selalu menyelipkan motivasi di setiap materinya, contohnya seperti Prof. Jiun-Huei Proty Wu, Ph.D yang menceritakan masa-masa sekolahnya dulu yang diberinya judul ‘An Idiot’s Story’. sekarang, kita bisa menggunakan ilmu-ilmu yang telah mereka berikan dilengkapi dengan motivasi yang membantu kita untuk menjadi seperti mereka.

Arum Serafim: The Asian Science Camp also taught me the responsibilities I face as a scientist, namely as the conveyor of truth. As scientists, we answer questions and seek the truth behind nature’s many riddles for it to not only benefit ourselves, but also our society. Most importantly, as scientists, we ought to glorify God in the discoveries we make about His magnificent and wonderful creations.

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