IZhO ke-10
Tim Indonesia berhasil memboyong 3 medali emas di IZhO ke-10

Selamat kepada Tim Indonesia yang berhasil meraih 3 emas, 2 perak dan 4 perunggu dalam International Zhautikov Olympiad 2014 yang diadakan di kota Almaty, Kazakhstan pada tanggal 12-18 Januari 2014.

 Surya University
Untukmu bangsa tercinta, Surya University kebanggan Indonesia

Surya University (Unvertas Surya) didirikan dengan SK Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI No. 07/E/O/2013

 Liputan Media
Tidak ada Anak Bodoh

Ketika dunia pendidikan sedang dipusingkan oleh masalah ujian nasional dan penyusunan kurikulum baru, Yohanes Surya justru bersetia menjalankan misinya: mencetak murid Indonesia berprestasi.

 APhO ke-14
Indonesia berhasil meraih the Absolute Winner dalam APhO ke-14.

Indonesia berhasil meraih the Absolute Winner dalam Asian Physics Olympiad ke-14 yang diselenggarakan di Bogor pada tanggal 5 - 13 Mei 2013.

Liputan Media
5 Things About Me….Getting to Know Yohanes Surya
2014-07-02 10:16:30

Dr. Yohanes Surya is an Indonesian physicist and coach of the Indonesian Physics Olympiad Team (TOFI) since 1993.  In 2006, Yohanes Surya founded the Surya Institute, with the vision of transforming science and math education in Indonesia through creating teacher materials, guides, and conducting teacher training events, seminars, and science camps.

Dr. Surya working with students from Papua.

Can you share a story from your past that has led to your choosing of your current field of work?

I coached the Indonesian Physics Olympiad team in 1993, which made me interested to do more for this country. From this experience, I helped develop the GASING (GASING = GAmpang, ASyik, menyenaNGkan or easy, fun and enjoyable) system for teaching math and physics in very remote places of Indonesia which have low standards of education. This made me fall in love with my job even more.

What is one thing you wish other people knew about your field or profession?

People should know that they can easily learn math and physics even if they often don’t think they can. I am trying to find a solution to make them learn those subjects in an easy way.

Tell us about a hobby or passion outside of work.

I love to read books about various subjects. I like history, economics, and any other topic besides physics as these diverse areas give me a lot of great ideas and inspiration.

Share a news story/video/blog etc. that really excites you and tell us why.

I visited the website of the Khan Academy, which features thousands of free educational resources. It inspired me to make Youtube lectures on the GASING math and physics systems. I have made a lot of learning materials using those systems and made them available through the website. I hope that through these materials, people can learn math and physics more easily.

What is one of the most important future challenges that Indonesian scientists can help address?

One of the unsolved problems in Indonesia is how children from disadvantaged areas can attain the same level of skills compared to children from big cities. If we could solve this problem using science and technology the impact will be enormous. Such a success would make Indonesia’s growth and these children’s impact on the world that much more significant.

-Interview by Keerthi Shetty
Source:USAID/Indonesia S&T Focus Newsletter - June/July

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